Awesome International Third Kit Designs Inspired by Traditional Patterns & Styles



The guys from La Casaca have done it again. During the international break they’ve taken a shot at creating more traditional looking third kits for different nations, taking inspiration from different features that have become a part of that country’s culture.

Argentina ‘The Sun of May’ Third Kit

Adidas 3-01 selections


Germany’s ‘Flag Gradient’ Third Kit

Adidas 3-02 selections


Mexico’s ‘Dia de los Muertos’ Third Kit

Adidas 3-08 selections


Spain’s ‘Mosaic’ Third Kit

Adidas 3-06 selections


Colombia’s ‘Coffee Bean’ Third Kit

Adidas 3-04 selections


Russian ‘Floral Art’ Third Kit

Adidas 3-09 selections


Denmark’s ‘Armor of the Vikings’ Third Kit

Adidas 3-03 selections


Japan’s ‘Samurai Warrior’ Third Kit

Adidas 3-05 selections

Nigeria’s ‘Eagle Feathered’ Third Kit
Adidas 3-07 selections


Paraguay’s ‘Federation Shield’ Third Kit
Adidas 3 selections-10


Sweden’s ‘Dalecarlia Horse’ Third Kit

Adidas 3 selections-11


Scotland’s ‘Tartan’ Third KitAdidas 3 selections-12

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