Barcelona: The Football City Guide



You want to know the best places to be in a city before you even get there. Life’s too short to end up eating a Peperami in a motorway service station when there’s haute cuisine on the next Strasse.

We’ve hit Munich and London, and now we’re very excited to be hopping across the continent to visit one of football’s truly great cities – Barcelona.

Barcelona’s cultural diversity is as deep as it’s footballing talent – so we’re going to run down the highlights from the trip and hopefully scratch the surface. No doubt we’ll miss one of your favourite spots, so make sure you let us know just how foolish we’ve been in the comments or on Twitter and Facebook.


Park Güell

Gaudi is unavoidable in this city, not that you’d want to – Catalan Modernism is everywhere, and not just in the architecture. Perhaps one of our favourite bits is this beautiful open space in the hills. The scenery is diversely beautiful, and his influence is everywhere.


La Pubilla

A Catalan classic. We’d heard great things, and this place still absolutely blew us away. For €15 you get a three course lunch and a glass of wine. It’s always packed to the rafters with locals so you know you’re in the right place, and honestly – the food is just incredible.



There’s a couple of these in Barcelona, but the biggest of them all is the best. Decorated in skateboards, myriad stickers and playing a mix of rocky and grungey music, the centre piece is a full sized bowl at the rear of the bar that hosts the guests. They serve a range of lethal cocktails, the clientele is diverse and lovely, and the skate videos on constant loop throughout provided a refreshing break from our football marathon. Highly recommended.


Futbol Bar

Hosting a simply staggering array of football memorabilia, this intimate bar is just a stone’s throw from the Camp Nou and is the perfect place to visit for a pre-game cerveza. The staff were bloody lovely, even when we kicked up a fuss about them not having any Southampton scarves. We’ll be returning with a box in March.

And that just about wraps up Barca.

As we said, we know we’re going to miss tons of stuff – that’s where you come in. Let us know what we should do when we visit in March for Away Days and we’ll make up for it!

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