Casertana FC: Paying Homage to a Fallen Fan



The supporters of Italian 3rd division side Casertana FC pay homage to the passing of long time regular, Mario Cavallo.  Cavallo’s untimely death seems to have struck large swaths of the Italian supporters scene as over 1,000 fans from Terni, Cosenza, Cassino, and Avellino, came out to join the ceremony.  Casertana’s Fedayn Bronx, eulogized him with red and blue hearts, flares, smoke, songs, and a banner with the writing “Cavallo Vive” (Cavallo Lives).   After his month long battle with heart disease, Cavallo’s name had become commonly associated with messages of solidarity from Italy to Germany.

Casertana FC’s president has decided to offer reduced ticket prices for their next match against Catanzaro, and plans to donate all proceeds to the Cavallo family.   The goal is to fill the stadium, and hold a celebration of Cavallo’s life with the entire town. This sort of relationship between club, fans, and other supporters groups is why we love lower division football.  The people who take to the stands in these grounds do so with the knowledge that they have their community behind them… They Will Never Walk Alone!
For those of you who are unfamiliar with Casertana FC and the Fedayn Bronx, here is their display at the Derby against Salernitana…

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