Wonderful Eduardo Galeano quotes about football

Wonderful Eduardo Galeano quotes about football


Miguel Mosquera
Miguel Mosquera

Eduardo Galeano (Montevideo 1940-2015) was an Uruguayan writer who had a deep passion for football. He superbly captured his feelings in his book ‘Football in Sun and Shadow,’ which tells the history of football with using a unique style. It is probably one of the most enjoyable books about the beautiful game. This a selection of his quotes:

“Football is the only religion without atheists.”

“During his life, a man can change of wife, of political party or of religion, but he can never change of football team.”

“What is the similarity between football and God? The devotion of their believers and the distrust that the intellectuals have towards them.”

“A professional footballer has escaped from the factory or the office. He is paid to have fun. He has won the lottery.”

“I was really good at football, in fact, I played wonderfully. I was the best, but only at night while I was sleeping. During the day, I must admit, I have been the worst player that my country has ever seen.”

“And I stay with that irremediable melancholy that we all feel after a love and after a football game.”

You can buy ‘Football in Sun and Shadow’ here.

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