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EASports released an amazing new trailer for the upcoming FIFA16. In it, more information is revealed on the stadiums, players, animations and more…

New trailer


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E3 Gameplay Trailer for FIFA16

For┬áthe FIFA16 reveal at E3, FIFA 16 producer David Rutter explained how FIFA16 will include new defensive structures (with more complex team positioning and accurate tackling), improved midfield battles (with improved interceptions and more realistic movements), and better attacking dynamics (with improved finishing and even more skill moves). What was more ground-breaking was the details of the inclusion of Women’s National Teams in FIFA16. Thanks to motion capture technology and increased body and facial scanning, the gameplay and physics engine for Women’s football in FIFA16 is now equally well developed. The England Women’s international team features alongside 11 other international nations. The inclusion and development of Women’s football in FIFA16 is, according to David Rutter, “huge news for the FIFA franchise, and something myself and the FIFA team are immensely proud of”.
EA Sports also revealed changes to Career Mode, where players will now be able to participate in pre-season tournaments in Asia, Europe, Latin America and North America. On top of this, new stadiums have been added, as well as more individualised and complex training schedules.

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