Unluckiest moments in football



Here are some of the unluckiest moments in football. Some will make you laugh, some will make you wince, some are scarcely believable…they are all, though, very very unlucky.

It’s unlucky to hit the bar once. Hit it twice is and you start to wonder whether a black cat walked past you in the morning. Three times?? Surely not!

So, hitting the woodwork three times is pretty unlucky for a team in one passage on play. What can top that, I hear you ask? Well, how about hitting the woodwork three times by the same player! Up step, Ivan Perisic…


Phil Babb would probably have preferred to hit the woodwork three times with a shot. The ex-Liverpool defender smashed the post with, rather unfortunately, his privates. Try to watch this without wincing…

Let’s lighten the mood now with a hilarious case of counting your chickens before they’ve hatched. The player has done everything to score, to be fair to him. It looks to be heading into the empty net. Naturally the player starts celebrating until he finds out that nature had other plans…

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