Gascoigne: The Flawed Genius Who Won the Hearts of a Nation



This week, Copa90 went along to the premiere of Paul Gascoigne’s namesake film. ‘Gascoigne’, out in cinemas and on DVD on the 15th June, is a feature length documentary on the frenetic and turbulent life of one of England’s greatest ever footballers. Fortunately, Poet and Vuj were able to sit down with Gascoigne and chat about the film and his life in more depth. They talk about the pressures of the media, Raheem Sterling, the state of modern football, and much more!

It is unsurprisingly an emotional watch, and it certainly clears up many misconceptions about Gascoigne both on the pitch and off it. As serious as the film is though, it just wouldn’t be a true reflection of Gascoigne’s life and character without some light-hearted fun and genuinely hilarious remarks from the protagonist. His indelible wit still shines through throughout the film, even amongst the tragedy and sadness that followed his throughout his life. What he and many football fans remember of him, though, is his extraordinary football talent. In spite of all the negative headlines and bad press that Gascoigne received over his career, on the pitch, he was a true legend.

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