London: The Football City Guide



You want to know the best places to be in a city before you even get there. Life’s too short to end up eating a Peperami in a motorway service station when there’s haute cuisine on the next Strasse.

Luckily, your friends at Copa90 have been about a bit – if you’ve been watching our videos for a while, you’ll know we’re no strangers to foreign lands. We’re going to be putting that travel know-how to good use, and over the next few months we’ll be creating guides to some of the world’s best football destinations – tailored specifically for travelling football fans.

Next up, it’s London.

The big smoke is err, big. So we’ll cherry pick our favourite spots here – one from each corner of the capital. Make sure you check the video for a full run down.

North: Beavertown Brewery.


Started in 2011 in the basement of a pub, Beavertown have to gone on to become one of London’s favourite beer makers.  They created the ever popular Gamma Ray, a fruity number great for summer.

East: The Albion Pub


The Albion on Goldsmiths Row in Hackney is a groovy little boozer just off the main Hackney Road,  not far from Shoreditch.

It’s a West Brom pub in the depths of East London and is peppered with football memorabilia from throughout the ages.  They’ll have the football on the telly and can do you a banging cheese toastie. Boom.

South: YAM Records


Buoyant from London’s resurgent vinyl record business, YAM records is a tidy little spot to check out, surrounded by other interesting and quirky cafes, bars and shops – Rye Wax is just round the corner under CLF Art Cafe. Get your fingers dusty.

West: Sam Smith’s pubs


The Sam Smiths chain of pubs are a must.  They don’t stock big name beers – only the stuff they brew themselves – and they’re ridiculously cheap for central London.  Check out Glasshouse Stores, The Champion and The Eagle to name a few boozers.

And that’s our brief run-down for London.

We love the pants off this place but we’ve still only scratched the surface. If you’re a local or you’ve visited London, let us know what your favourite spot is.

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