New Boys - Dynamo Moscow

New Boys - Dynamo Moscow


Miguel Mosquera
Miguel Mosquera

After just one year in the Russian Second Division, Dynamo Moscow are back to the top tier.

  1. It had been their first ever relegation

    Dynamo Moscow was the only Russian team that had never been relegated from the First Division —
    until last year, when they finished second to last. Their supporters have hardly had time to get used to the Second Division, though; Dynamo easily won the league title and next season will make their quick return to the Russian Premier League.

  2. They are the oldest Russian team

    Although they did not adopt their current name until 1923, the club’s origins date back to 1887, which makes them the oldest football team in Russia. They were first formed as a factory team called Morozovtsi Orekhovo-Zuevo Moskva, who would later change its name to OKS Moskva. Under the name Dynamo Moscow, the club won the Soviet League 11 times. However, their status as a Russian football giant has experienced a decline since the fall of the Soviet Union.

  3. They are part of the Dynamo Sports Club

    After the Russian Revolution, the club became part of the Dynamo Sports Club. Founded by the Soviet Union, this sports society gave birth to the current form of many clubs from ex-USSR nations: Dynamo Moscow in Russia, Dynamo Kyiv in Ukraine, Dynamo Minks in Belarus, Dinamo Tbilisi in Georgia… Some of these clubs still have a letter ‘D’ with the same font style on their logo and use blue and white as their colours, but most of them are now under private ownerships. However, Dynamo Moscow is one of the few exceptions: it is still owned by the Dynamo Sports Club, which is now known as the Dynamo Sports Society. In 2009, Moscow was acquired by VTB Bank, but in 2016 the Dynamo Sports Society bought back the club.

  4. Their new stadium is impressive

    Dynamo Moscow played for 80 years at their Dynamo Stadium. But in 2011, this ground was demolished and the constructions of a new stadium began. While waiting for their new home to be finished, Dynamo have been playing at Arena Khimki, a ground in the metropolitan area of Moscow which they have had to share with city rivals CSKA Moscow. They now look forward to making their return to their original home in the center of the Russian capital. The new stadium, which is still under construction, will be the home to both Dynamo Moscow’s football and hockey teams. The football area will have a capacity of 27,000, whereas the hockey section will seat 12,000. Despite being an impressive new stadium, it will not host any of next summer’s World Cup. Instead, the two other venues in Moscow that will hold matches are Spartak’s new Otkrytiye Arena (45,000) and Luzhniki Stadium (80,000), also known as the ‘Russian Wembley’.


    Photo: Sergei Ilnitsky/Epa/REX/Shutterstock.

  5. The legendary goalkeeper Lev Yashin played for them

    Always wearing black and always extending his arms and legs protecting the goal, Lev Yashin was known as the Black Spider. His spectacular saves and active attitude as a leader of the defense gave him international fame and saved him a place in the history of football. Yashin played his entire 20-year-long career (1950-1970) at Dynamo Moscow and represented the Soviet Union in three World Cups. Needless to say, he is one of the biggest legends of Dynamo’s history.

Photo by ddp USA/REX/Shutterstock.

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