The Women’s World Cup: We Can All Play



Guest post by Kendra Lee

It’s difficult for me to put into words how I feel about the World Cup. As a soccer fan, I’m in love with the sport. I love everything about it. How it brings people together through human emotions of joy and sorrow. How we can see other flawed human beings working together to achieve something greater than any of them could have managed on their own. The struggles, the triumphs, the stories. And of course the game. How a few beautiful passes strung together can look like art. How a perfectly struck ball sails over the keeper’s head and into the goal. How an immaculately timed tackle can shift the momentum of the game. These are all things I love about soccer.

What I do not love is dishonesty and discrimination. We have all at one time or another witnessed a suspicious call, heard rumours of match fixing, and whispers of money changing hands. It seemed that the game we loved was somehow being controlled by an outside force that we felt powerless to stop. Yet despite all of this, I choose to take in the spectacle that is the Women’s World Cup, which is being played in my country, in the hopes that somehow, something positive is happening on another level. And I believe that it is.

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