Top 10: 'Things More Useful Than Andy Carroll'



Since his move to West Ham for £15m, the former Liverpool striker Andy Carroll has played only 16 games… and is now out injured (again) for four months. Poor old West Ham… but still the internet doesn’t hold back, no sympathy shown to player who has been ridden with injuries… instead, let’s start #ThingsMoreUsefulThanAndyCarroll… great move, thanks Footy Accumulators 😉

1. “OMG, you’re drinking full fat water?!”


— The SPORT Bible (@TSBible) July 25, 2014


2. So close…


— ManUnitedTalk (@ManUnitedTalk) July 25, 2014


3. True, although he can stand on it?



4. Never even noticed that until now!



5. Sorry Yaya I know you don’t want to be reminded of this day.


— Adam Simeoni (@adamsimi93) July 25, 2014


6. Ahh yes the constant struggle between man and his zipper.



7. Poor old Stevie…


— Sunday League Quotes (@ItsSundayLeague) July 25, 2014


8. Nifty…



9. Is that how Andy Carroll got injured?!


— CrowdScores Football (@CrowdScores) July 25, 2014


10.  We all knew this was coming…


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