What about us? A fan’s take on the Qatar 2022 World Cup.



Guest post by Martino Simcik Arese

Fifa’s executive committee have approved the timeline for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. After accusations of corruption, bribery, and deplorable working conditions, the selection process has become a symbol for the murky world of Fifa. What was originally advertised as the first World Cup played in futuristic stadiums, has become the first tournament played during Christmas. You can’t run in the desert during the summer, and after an endless string of scandals, the governing football body (pending a final vote) has decided to host its flagship event from November 26th to December 23rd.

The World Cup should be a celebration of our collective humanity. Entire countries grind to a halt to watch games, politicians flock to the tournament to seem more personable, and lovers of the game gather in the host country to celebrate. However, Fifa seems to have forgotten the people that make their tournament possible.

After ridiculing its own “ethics” committee and censoring last year’s Garcia report on the 2010 Qatar farrago, clubs have asked to be compensated for the change of schedule. The European Clubs Association has yet to estimate how much the scheduling change will cost its 214 clubs from 53 countries. After claims that Fifa had a ‘detailed discussion with all stakeholders’ one wonders which supporters groups they consulted with.

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