Why Football Fans Need Safe Standing



Football in the UK is renowned for its atmosphere and intensity. The passion on the pitch is bettered only by that found in the stands, where fans come together to support their team both vocally and physically. Still, there is clearly something significant missing in the bouncing British terraces. For all the famous noise and devotion on matchday on these shores, the large majority of fans here still feel shackled to their seats whilst supporting their team. The same cannot be said of football fans in Germany, or Sweden, or Austria, where they are able to enjoy standing safely on the terraces. Safe standing has been prevalent for years in these countries and has, in Germany in particular, proven to be a resounding success both economically and atmospherically. You only have to catch a glimpse of the Dortmund Yellow Wall to realise how breathtakingly impressive football fans can be when standing in unison. It is time to bring safe standing to the UK, and learn from the German FA’s treatment and appreciation of the fans and their needs.

Copa Collective member The Football Supporters Federation have campaigned tirelessly since 2002 to see safe standing introduced into British football, and have received enormous support throughout the UK, from clubs like Celtic and Crystal Palace to managers such as Arsène Wenger and Nigel Clough. The campaign’s message is clear; most fans want the choice to stand, standing terraces will increase attendances, decrease ticket prices and, most importantly, be totally safe for fans. We at Copa90 support this message, and it is time for British football to satisfy the needs of the fans.

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