Copa Creator Network Guidelines

These guidelines provide guidance for members of the Copa Creator Network when creating content for COPA90 Ltd.

Please follow these guidelines when creating content for COPA90 Ltd as part of our Copa Creator Network (the “Network”), in accordance with the Copa Creator Network Terms and Conditions (the “Terms and Conditions”).  All references to “content” in these Guidelines shall include both Contributions and Project Content, as defined in the Terms and Conditions.

1. Only submit content to us that is your own original work.  We will not accept any submission where the content (or any part of it) belongs to a third party unless you can demonstrate that the third party has given you full permission to use the film.

2. If you have been given a brief by COPA90 for the content, please ensure that the content you submit fulfils the creative and technical specifications.

3. You must not submit any content to us which does not comply with the Content Standards set out in the Terms and Conditions.  This includes, without limitation, any content that contains any defamatory remarks, expresses any racist, homophobic or political sentiments, or is in any way offensive or likely to incite violence.

4. All content that you submit to us must be accompanied by a ‘release’ form from all persons featured who are identifiable.  You will not be required to submit a release form for crowds of people, but in all other circumstances, please include a recording at the start of the film of each person reading the wording set out below:

I agree that COPA90 may film, record, edit and broadcast me for programmes or productions featured on their channels and platforms including without limitation COPA90, COPA90 US and any other COPA90 content offering now or in the future, and in addition any programmes or productions distributed with partners of COPA90.

Where it has not been possible to obtain such a ‘release’, you must make this clear to us when you submit the content.

5. If anyone identifiable in the content you submit is below the age of 16, you must obtain consent from their parent or guardian for them to be featured in the film and you must inform us if this has not been granted.

6. When creating content for us, please do not put yourself or others in danger, take any unnecessary risks or break any laws.

7. If you wish to film someone, always ask for permission  before you start filming. If they do not give you their permission, please respect their privacy and do not film them.

8. Similarly, you must not harass or hassle any person for footage or an interview. Please be aware that this could constitute unlawful or illegal behaviour.

9. Your filming should, at all times, comply with:

  •    All applicable local laws and regulations, including local laws of the country in which you film the work;
  •    The terms and conditions of any contract, licence or permission granted to you by any third party or filming location;
  •    The Fan Creator Network Terms and Conditions; and
  •    Any additional terms which are provided to you by COPA90 in relation to a particular brief.

10.   You must only submit content that you are happy for us to edit freely and publish on the COPA90’s channels and platforms. We will normally show your name with the contribution, but it may not always be possible. If you do not grant us this permission, please do not submit the work to us.

11. By submitting the work to us, you agree that you will not use the work for any other commercial purpose, nor share it with any competitor of COPA90.

If you have any questions about the above Guidelines, or if you are unsure how these will affect you or your submission, please contact us at