COPA90 | Looking For Manchester United's International Fans

We are producing two videos looking at Manchester United's international fanbase. Please find more details below:

Video 1 

This video will include international fans (18+) who are extremely passionate despite having never attended a game at Old Trafford. If selected for this video, we will require the fan to record themselves answering set questions.


Video 2 

For the second part of this project,  we are producing a video exploring the stories behind why international fans (18+) start supporting the club and the lengths they go to support their team. Therefore, we are looking for these amazing stories! If the story is selected, we would be looking to film in person between 6th-11th of March.

If you are interested in being a part of either video or know someone who would be, please send the below information by Friday 23rd February to 

  • A photo
  • If they’ve ever been to Old Trafford
  • A written explanation of why they started supporting United
  • The lengths they go to support their team and how they show their passion
  • Their availability between the 6th-11th March (applicable to video 2) 

Upon receiving the above information, we will provide additional information on the project.