Our World Cup: A Fans' Guide to 2018

The World Cup is getting closer... who's going to take home the trophy?

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Will England repeat their 1966 triumph?
Will Ronaldo add the World Cup to his absurdly large trophy cabinet?

Will the press leave Raheem Sterling alone for five minutes?


COPA90 is THE home of global football fan culture.

We are ready for the world cup.

Get yourself a copy of COPA90: Our World Cup: A Fans’ Guide to 2018- the REAL fan’s guide to the event of the year.

This isn’t just about the star players. This is about:

· All 32 nations, their rising stars and their biggest legends

· Russia’s stadiums and cities. The COPA90 team have been there. They know where to go.

· The EPIC underdogs

· Nightmare performances… Beckham, we’re looking at you, mate

Get in on the action and wow everyone with your World Cup knowledge!