Creator Commissions

What's it all about?  

COPA90 is looking to create original films for our social channels, crafted by those with a passion for storytelling. Each month, there will be a grant of up to £1000 accessible for fans, presenters and filmmakers to tell a story they feel the football community should know about.You create it, we fund it and we share it with the world.

What stories are we looking for?

We want to showcase the very best of the beautiful game. This could be:

1. Amazing stories from your club. Be it the kit man who has worked there for 50 years, an incredible fan movement or a fan with an intriguing story behind their fandom.

2. Fascinating football stories from your neighbourhood. The beautiful pitch that locals play on every day of the year. The fans giving back to their local community, using football as a tool to do so.

3. Grassroots heroes. This could be the 55-year-old striker, scoring 30 goals a season. The referees who despite facing adversity week in week out, turn up without fail. The wonderkid who’s lighting up your local league.

4. Amazing stories from the Women's game. The above categories apply, just ensure the story is female focused.

How does it work?

What you pitch is totally up to you, our only requirements are that your idea is:

  • Suitable for a COPA90 audience - global, 18-24
  • Achievable within the next 2 months
  • Self sufficient - we will be able to give you advice if you need it and contacts if we have them, but no resource



We’re here to help! If you’ve got any questions simply email ( and we’ll get back to you asap. Please also read our specific Creator Commissions Terms & Conditions here

How to propose an idea

To send us a proposal, just click below and fill out the form: