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Gaston Calzato

Gaston now lives in Toronto, Canada. However, growing up in Uruguay Gaston developed a deep rooted love of South American football, (particularly for his club Penarol) that continues today. He also has his own YouTube channel, discussing the latest football news, which you can explore by clicking on the YouTube icon below.

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Gaston now lives in Toronto, Canada. However, growing up in Uruguay Gaston developed a deep rooted love of South American football and particularly for his club Penarol. He posseses the ability to cover South American from an outside perspective . He has also started his own YouTube channel, discussing the latest football news, which you can follow by exploring his page.

My birth name is Mauricio Gaston Calzato, but I’m known as Gaston. I’m 21 years old, and I’m from Toronto, Canada but I come from a Uruguayan background, and often consider myself Uruguayan instead of Canadian.

Growing up in a Uruguayan family, football is far more than a sport. It’s a lifestyle, a passion, a drug. We’re one of the most successful footballing nations in the world, so it’s only fitting that football runs in our blood. In football, my family and many other Uruguayan families is split between supporting Peñarol and Nacional. To put it into perspective, my brother and I support Peñarol, while both my parents support Nacional. When the Uruguayan ‘El Clasico’ is happening, there is a lot of family rivalry within Uruguayan households. I have been playing football since I was 4 years old.

As I worked my way up in Canadian football, I reached the peak of my footballing career at 15 years old. It was announced that AC Milan would start an academy in Canada (during their glory days). I was fortunate enough to be selected to play for the academy in affiliation with my current club at the time (Serbian White Eagles). During my time at the AC Milan academy in Toronto, I was selected to play in the 2009 Serena Cup in Chile.

I decided to pursue broadcasting after football. I enrolled into Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario and began 3 years of Media Fundamentals and Broadcast Journalism. I learned many different aspects of Journalism and Media, and decided to pursue my passion for football and broadcasting. I am finished my program, and graduate in early June.

What is your favourite Copa90 video and why?

My favourite Copa90 video is “Why I Love Liverpool – David Vujanic”. I believe that it’s my favourite video because it’s a story that I can connect with on a personal level. My love for Liverpool FC and C.A. Peñarol (Uruguay) is something that I’ve had my entire life.

What is the best football game you have seen and why?

The greatest football game I’ve seen is Uruguay – Ghana (World Cup 2010). To this day, that game still brings a smile to my face. This is because as a Uruguayan, we defied all odds by defeating a country that not only had the support of the entire continent of Africa, but also the support of most neutrals throughout the world. From the Suarez handball to “El Loco” Abreu’s chipped penalty, it was a match that extracted every possible emotion that a football fan could experience.

The greatest live match I’ve experienced was either Liverpool vs Toronto FC or Peñarol vs Sporting Lisbon. This is because it was my first time watching the two clubs that I’ve loved all my life. Experiencing the different types of fanbases (South American fanbase vs European/English fanbase) was also something that intrigued me a lot.

What is your favourite football snack?

Fun fact about me. I find myself to be a little bit of a health freak at times, so I love eating healthy food. My favourite football / post-football snack is a protein bar called “Quest Bars”. From my knowledge, they’re only sold in North America, but they taste great and they’re healthy. I also enjoy a glass of chocolate almond milk, which is also tasty yet healthy.

Who is your footballing idol?

My footballing idol is Steven Gerrard. However, Luis Suarez and Philippe Coutinho are among my favourites as well.

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