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Igal believes football has the potential to create social change, not only in Chile but throughout South America. This is something he wishes to showcase through his knowledge and passion of the game. Follow Igal as he pursues his dreams of putting untold South American stories on the map.

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Igal believes football has the potential to create social change, not only in Chile but throughout South America. This is something he wishes to showcase through his knowledge and passion of the game.

My name is Igal Albala, I’m 25 years old and I am Chilean. I have loved football since I opened my eyes for the first time. Luckily, I arrived into a footy-family and we are all “Azules” (Blues: Fans of Universidad de Chile). At the same time I was giving my first steps, I was learning football chants and feeling more like home in the stadium- Estadio Nacional. Nowadays the supporters section is like my second home and football is my religion. I believe in football as an element of illusion, extreme emotions, human creativity (masters like Zidane, Bergkamp, Cantona and Cruyff are magicians) and as a hope engine for societies.

As a longlife fan, I’m interested in carrying and spreading football culture as the one and only universal language. Every corner of the globe has new stories, collective euphoria and compromise with a feeling of passion and belonging.

Last year I made the decision of dedicating my life for my passion, but for that I needed skills and tools, I needed to learn from the best and what better than having the opportunity of doing it in one of the cities where football is breathed in every corner. Traveling to Barcelona and studying Sports Management in the Johan Cruyff Institute was a life changing decision. After graduating I stumbled upon #InSearchOf, and before taking a big decision of “what to do with my life” I realised that this was a huge opportunity to link two elements that are in my mind every single second: the idea of traveling; adventures, knowing the unknown and at the same time: FÚTBOL! Being in Barcelona and breathing football every second made me crazy about the idea of keeping the adventure going and devoting my life and energy for the idea of developing football culture in South America and the world while carrying the Copa90 flag. At the end…I think pretty much the same as Copa90. We breathe football.

What is your favourite Copa90 video and why?

More than one video, I love the whole idea behind the ‘This is Football’ series. If I had to choose one, it would be This Is Eibar. It’s very impressive that their stories are based on the values transmitted by the fans, administration, coaches and players.

What is the best football game you have seen and why?

Chile 2 vs 0 España

The atmosphere was set perfectly for that game. We were more than 40.000 chileans filling the mythical Maracanã, so you can feel the confidence and intention of rebellion upon adversity.It was an intense match played with heart and intelligence, neutralising key players such as Iniesta, Costa or Silva and having great performances by Aranguiz, Vidal, Sanchez, Medel and Vargas. Chile won that match from the off, showing the evolution of our football on the National Team subject.

What is your favourite football snack?

“Mani tostado” (roasted peanut) from the Estadio Nacional. Classic snack from good times at the stadium watching la U or Chile.

Who is your footballing idol?

Johan Cruyff, who at a given moment was able to change football mentality by creating a way of being intelligent on the pitch, trusting in the natural ability of his players and combining their strengths inside the pitch.

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