Team Mates – Danny Butterfield, Exeter City

Exeter City's Danny Butterfield chats to the Football League Paper about teammates during his football career. 

Best mate at the club?

I was with Lee Holmes down at Southampton previously and our families get on so our friendship grew through that. We have been mates for a good five years and I may have had a hand in him coming to Exeter.Last to buy dinner?It would have to be a whip-round – I don’t think anyone is earning enough to pay for it all! I am quite happy to buy the lads drinks but when it comes to meals, the fines normally pay for them anyway.The FIFA king?I am a 35-year-old man with a wife and kids, so you are asking the wrong guy! Probably Tom Nichols and James Hamon because they have a flat together and have enough time to do that sort of thing.Worst dressed?David Wheeler or Christian Ribeiro. Dave still wears footwear that has to be at least eight years old – he only throws them away when they’ve got holes developing.Dressing room DJ?Matt Oakley, but his taste is a little bit old for the younger lads. Troy Brown and Jamie McAllister also have some influence. There’s usually a mixture of up-to-date house and dance music and some older classics. Most skilful?Ollie Watkins or Joel Grant – they have both got great individual skill and technical ability. It is a big part of their game and they spend a good time on the training ground practising their skills.Late for training?It used to be David Wheeler, but he has moved an hour away from Exeter and he is now in a car share with some of the senior players, so he arrives on time. It is probably Joel Grant now.

Teacher’s pet?Ryan Harley is bordering on a relation of the manager’s from his previous time here. Similarly, David Noble is a bit of a teacher’s pet. Worst cook?Probably James Hamon. James is always talking about what he cooked the night before while Tom Nichols screws his face up. James cooked spaghetti on the Monday and was still eating it by Friday.First on the dance floor?I don’t really know, being old now. I am not as much of a dance floor man as I used to be. It is probably one of the younger lads like Jordan Moore-Taylor – he has found himself in nightclubs more than most. Most likely to disgrace themselves at the Christmas party?David Noble. Let’s say he attacks a night out fully. He takes it on himself to lead everyone else and he generally goes for it. Worst tattoo?Christy Pym has got mum and dad on his wrist but I think he’s slowly working on some sleeves to try and hide them now.Never puts the phone down?I don’t think anyone gets off it anymore these days. They are a major fixture of the dressing room but I am probably the worst culprit. Partial to a sunbed?Aaron Davies and Tom Nichols, definitely. The lads give them plenty of abuse for it.Going to make the best manager? Jamie McAllister has already done his coaching badges. He has got a good  knowledge of the game and a great temperament so I think he could replicate his standards as a player. I am sure he would do a great job as a manager.

Article by Copa Collective member Football League Paper