Steven Gerrard X LA Galaxy Match Day Poster

The LA Galaxy have been doing an incredible job with their match day posters. Commissioning some really impressive artists to create artwork that celebrates a particular match has been really cool to see from afar.

We found ourselves in an enviable position when the opportunity arose to work on one of these match day posters. And it happened to work out that the poster would be for Steven Gerrard’s debut with the club.

We have a friend named Tony, aka The Tonus, who is an incredible artist. He did some work for us years ago, and when this opportunity arose, it was a no brainer to turn to him.

Tony has a series of art pieces that he has been doing called “Hand Over The Hero.” The work varies, but the narrative remains constant. There is a hero and there are hands handing them over. In this case, the hero is Steven Gerrard. He is featured in his new LA Galaxy kit and he is being handed over by Liverpool. The club he has spent his entire career at. The club where he became a hero, is now passing him over to his new club.

We think the concpet is on point. That it pays tribute to his former club while celebrating the arrival at his new club. It was definitely a fun project to be a part of and we are pretty honored that we got to be a part of this.

There will be a very limited number of these that will be available for purchase. Email us at for details.

Article by Copa Collective member The Original Winger