Bad Boys FC: Kids Recreate Famous Football Moments

Written by Cooper Lemon

Darren Urquhart and Tom Smith, both art directors in the advertising industry, recently released a personal project that caught our eye. “Bad Boys FC,” a collaboration with photographer George Logan, is a series of lighthearted photographs that recreate infamous footballing moments — with children. The series intends to ask “whether a game more and more obsessed with giant salaries and celebrity lifestyles, is still creating the right role models for Britain’s youth to copy.” We agree: With football’s increasing popularity, it’s worth applying that question to kids growing up in all corners of the globe.

“Whyyyy?” (Mario Balotelli)

“Baby Teeth” (Luis Suarez)

“My mum’s a what?” (Zinedine Zidane)

“Little squirts” (Paul Gascoigne)

“Mini hand of God” (Diego Maradona)

“Karate kid” (Eric Cantona)

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