The Casablanca Derby: the world's best atmosphere!

The Casablanca Derby between Raja and Wydad is quickly becoming one of the most exciting fixtures in the global game.  Through the rise of Ultras culture in northern Africa and particularly in Morocco, the ritual of choreographies and Tifos have been taken to another level.

On December 20th, this match took place ending in a 0-0 draw.  The most action however was not the pitch, but rather in the stands.   Traditionally played at the 80,000 capacity Mohammed V Stadium in order to accommodate the crowd; the city of Casablanca experiences a slowdown on derby day as many shops and other businesses close a few hours before the game. The event is a matter of debate for several days before and after between supporters of both clubs, on the streets, schools or workplaces.

Both the Raja Eagles (Green) and Wydad Winners ‘05 (Red) put on a series of interesting displays, showing off the extent of their coordination.  This piece from Ultras World gives an insight into the dynamics of football culture in Casablanca.  What stands out most, is that despite the difference in culture and custom, the tradition of fan culture and nuances they face are similar to what we see in Europe.

This is the power of this game.  Despite the massive distances and the climate of tension that exists today, football fans remain in solidarity...

Long Live the Beautiful Game!