A Dutch Adventure: Chilean fan travels 7,500 miles to watch Felipe Gutiérrez play

 Our friends from Homefans shared with us this great story of a fan that definitely loves the beautiful game. Latin fans are known for their passion and this story proves that no matter the distance, they will follow football wherever it is played.

FC Twente against Cambuur Leeuwarden became a very special game for Kristoffer Serey. Not only because FC Twente won 3-0, but especially because Kristoffer came all the way from Chile to watch it. Kristoffer travelled to Enschede - The Netherlands to see FC Twente play, and more important, to see Felipe Gutiérrez play because the Twente captain is a former player of Kristoffer’s favourite club; Universidad Católica.

The FC Twente experience

When Kristoffer arrived at the FC Twente stadium on Saturday morning, he walked by the supporters' home “Vak-P” and met some Twente supporters who were already there. Kristoffer tells them: “with Felipe Gutiérrez in our team, we became champions of Chile, so my dream was to see him play one more time”. The FC Twente supporters were very much impressed and immediately changed their plans for that day and told him: “take your flag with you, we will show you everything a fan needs to see”. The group supporters took Kristoffer to the city, showed them the best pubs and told him everything about the club. 

“One of the best days in my life”

Kristoffer saw FC Twente book a 3-0 victory over Cambuur, but the best was yet to come. After the game the FC Twente supporters arranged a personal meet and greet with Felipe Gutiérrez and Kristoffer even got Gutiérrez’ shirt. When he received his shirt he could barely stay on his feet. “The fact that Kristoffer couldn’t keep his eyes dry, shows the enormous amount of passion that lives in the hearts of Chilean football fans. This had to be a truly amazing day for him”, says one of  the FC Twente supporters.d

First, Kristoffer shakes hands with goalkeeper Nick Marsman and midfielder Hakim Ziyech who scored two times; including a cheeky Panenka penalty to secure the 3-0 win. After a while the man, for whom Kristoffer travelled 7538 miles, finally walks into the room. It is an unbelievable moment for a fan to meet such a special player. They talk about the game, the trip to Europe and their club Universidad Católica. “I think it’s absolutely amazing that someone travels all the way from Chile specially for me. It shows the football madness in Chilean fans and I see it as a huge compliment”, says Felipe Gutiérrez.

A friend for life

After Kristoffer and Gutiérrez talked for a while, the FC Twente supporters take him back to the home where it all started that day. They drink a beer together and toast on a new friendship. “He came as a stranger, but left as a friend”, says one of the Twente fans. That is, undoubtedly, the beauty of discovering football through local eyes.

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