#Cohen66 Campaign for Fulham FC

In recognition of George’s contributions to club and country, Fulham FC is raising money to erect a statue of George at Craven Cottage, and to help fund a cause close to George’s heart in the care of dementia sufferers. Chairman Shahid Khan is 100% behind the project and has pledged to match every pound raised by the fans towards both the statue and the charitable causes.

The funding generated through this campaign will first fund the George Cohen statue at Craven Cottage, and then focus on two local programmes in dementia care:

  • Providing care for people living with dementia, of which there will be 1 million in the UK by 2025. Working in partnership with Sporting Memories Network, we will improve peoples’ quality of life and that of their carers by helping them to access long-term memories through association with their experiences watching sport;
  • Helping to delay the onset of dementia through preventative programmes working on healthy lifestyles, incorporating healthy eating and exercise for men in vulnerable age groups.
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