Australia: Football Community Unites to Fight Cancer

Sport has the power to bring people together. Sure, it’s a cliché, but in Australia, football is showing its sense of community. Joey Lynch, the son of veteran football writer Michael Lynch, is faced with a huge financial hurdle in his struggle against cancer.

Words By: Ian Kerr

Words By: Ian Kerr

First diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma eight years ago, Joey has now reached the point where there are no more curative options available in Australia.

To continue the fight, Joey needs to raise $800,000 to take part in a new clinical trial in the US of a cancer treatment. The treatment being trialled at the University of Pennsylvania uses immune cells extracted from the body, which are then modified so they recognise and destroy cancer cells.

But most of us don’t find $800,000 in loose change behind the sofa, and this is where the football community has pitched in. A series of fundraisers have been held across the country. A-League teams Melbourne City and Melbourne Victory have held fundraising events. Local Victorian football clubs have helped raise money for the cause.

Individual football identities have done their bit too. Tim Cahill donated his match fee from a recent World Cup Qualifier. Former pro (and Bachelorette runner-up) Michael Turnbull offered a date to the highest bidder, raising $13,000 for Joey.

So far about $350,000 has been raised. It’s an impressive sum – but another $450,000 is needed. So we’re asking the Copa Fam to get involved.

Thin White Line football culture magazine is donating all proceeds from sales of the digital edition of issue 1 to Support Joey.

If you want to donate more, you can give direct at the Support Joey website.

Show your support, and help give a young football fan a chance to live.

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