Celebrating 20 years of Friendship: GKS Katowice - FC Banik Ostrava

This weekend, a friendly match took place between Polish side GKS Katowice, and Czech club Banik Ostrava. Fans from both teams gathered at the Municipal stadium in Ostrava to celebrate a rare anniversary in football, 20 years of friendship. No one really knows how it all began, but legend has it; Katowice fans went for a holiday and became friends with the Czechs. As a result, Banik fans visited the GKS stadium in 1996, and 6 months later there was a Czechia-Poland game in Ostrava, where the fans sat together. The teams also have similar stories, with GKS getting relegated a while back, and Banik constantly fighting relegation. Today these fan groups are closer than ever, just another sign of how football is more than classic rivalries, sometimes its unexpected friendships.