B.O.A.T is United through and through and attends Old Trafford at every opportunity. He's also part of the ever rising Filthy Fellas, give him a follow for a refreshing insight into modern football.

What is your favourite Copa90 video and why?The World's Most Expensive Derby | The Battle For Manchester

What is the best football game you have seen and why?I remember where I was like it was yesterday. The ebb and flow of that game was unforgettable, pure end to end stuff. Some Arsenal fans would say they were better than us that year, which made the victory even sweeter. The game was played in the most UNITED way, and of course there was THAT goal from Giggs. The greatest goal in FA Cup history.

What is your favourite football snack?A greasy match day burger, sobering me up just enough to fully focus on the game.

Who is your footballing idol?My footballing idol is the King, Eric Cantona. His ability on the ball for a man who didn't rely on pace was incredible. His charisma and flair brought something to United that was so special, we may never see something quite like it again.