Meet Lewis

Lewis Kenny is a young writer and football madman from Dublin, Ireland. He is the Poet Laureate of Bohemian FC, which combines his two favourite loves, poetry and football. He believes in supporting your local team and to see a return of football clubs run by the fans, for the fans.

What is your favourite Copa90 video and why? My favourite Copa90 video has to be 'Anarchy in Ireland Bohemians vs Shamrock Rovers. The Dublin Derby was the perfect video to capture what it is to be a supporter of League of Ireland, a league that struggles deeply with attendance due to the lure of English football. It is rare that for anyone to shine a spotlight on the league, even the Chairman of the Irish FA called our league a 'problem child'. It was a special moment for us, and one that made every League of Ireland fan grateful to Copa90.What is the best football game you've been to and why?I was eight years old when my grandfather took me to see Bohemians vs Shamrock Rovers on January 28th 2001. A game that was dubbed the 'Santry Siro Massacre', it was a day that no Bohs fan will ever forget. It was a horrid winters day when the players took to the field, Bohemians faced off against their fiercest rivals Shamrock Rovers in a must-win game, for both bragging rights and the title. Things started off horrifically for Bohs and going into half-time were 4-1 down, however they battled back in the second half to record a 6-4 victory, which helped spur on a season in which we won the double.What is your favourite football snack and why?My favourite football snack in a Wurley Burger and garlic cheese chips. A whurley burger a battered burger between two buns with special sauce, onions and ketchup. Sounds digusting but it's amazing when you're drunk.Who is your footballing idol?My footballing idol is Glen Crowe. Crowe is Bohemians all-time leading league goalscorer with 133 goals, all-time leading FAI Cup goalscorer with 22 goals, all-time leading goalscorer in European competition and has also scored more goals in European competition (11) than any other Irish domestic player. He is also the last league of Ireland player to be capped for Ireland. It was a glorious moment for the league to see one of our own wear the green, seeing as all our talent is usually snatched up by the English teams. He ht the crossbar against Greece, and played against Norway. To compare, it would be like somebody from League 2 getting a call-up to the England side.