Liam was born and raised in Burnley. Naturally he supports Burnley FC and has been a season ticket holder since the age of 7. Give Liam a follow, for an insight into the life of a Burnley fan, as his team battle for Premier League survival.

I've lived in Burnley all my life and i've been a season ticket holder since the age of 7. I'm loving every second of our Premier League dream so let's see how long it lasts!

What is your favourite Copa90 video and why?By far my favourite series of Copa90 is Derby Days. One that sticks in my mind is the Derby Day featuring 'Partizan v Red Star', the way it was edited was perfect, constant level of intensity which kept you on your edge. The display of passion from both sets of fans was immense, not to forget a 90th minute winner. Pure magic.

What is the best football game you have seen and why?The 2008/09 Play-Off Final vs Sheffield United. Throughout my childhood I've known Burnley to be the definition of a mediocre Championship side, growing up being odd one out in my own town as others supported the likes of Man Utd. However, incredibly Owen Coyle led us to the Play-Offs and then we had our one chance. The entire town went down to Wembley, a sea of claret & blue and a 20 yard beauty from Wade Elliot made the difference. To see Burnley in the Premier League for the first time in our history, it changed our club and i've never been so proud to call myself a claret.

What is your favourite football snack?Pies. Simple as that, preferably a meat & potato pie. At Burnley it's like a tradition, growing up being sponsored by Hollands Pies since around 2007, even had a half-time show that involved random blokes kicking a football into a massive pie. Now if that isn't English football at it's finest I don't know what is.

Who is your footballing idol?A Burnley lad by the name of Jay Rodriguez, you may have heard of him. When growing up, kids the same age as me looked up to him as of what we could become, granted that hasn't worked out too well for myself but eh I can still dream. He gave me many incredible memories such as the equaliser against Tottenham, to come back from 4-1 in the Carling Cup 2008 Semi-Final. He was a large reason why I fell in love with the club, seeing a local lad play for England was a proud moment for the entire area, and I look forward to seeing him this year.