Besiktas' Crazy Title Boat Celebrations!

The wait for Beşiktaş is finally over.

After 7 years, the Eagles may again call themself Champions of Turkey . The fact that Beşiktaş fans are among the loudest and most loyal fan groups in Europe, is no longer a secret.  After the final league match yesterday evening in Konya (1-2 loss), the players presented the trophy to the fans.

In the video you can see the first on sea celebration in Istanbul! The fans are following their team on boats, firing pyro and are even celebrating their victory across two continents with Istanbul being divided by Europe and Asia. Beşiktaş Fans are coming from everywhere to celebrate their heroes. Istanbul is currently burning and it is midweek. There is video upon video of the wild celbrations, showing euphoric fans and players who are are in full on party mode. Partying close to the limit with thousands of fans waiting at the water’s edge, just a few centimeters away from falling through the water. Watching these scenes shows  how passionate Turkish supporters are! This is absolutely mental!