Ultras of Bordeaux and Saint Etienne, a unique brotherhood.
While violence in football stadiums is regularly displayed in the press, it is good to highlight that companionship between opposite supporters can exist. It really is friendship that’s important to discuss when showcasing the link between the Magic Fans of Saint-Etienne and the Ultramarines of Bordeaux. A strong and sincere friendship which has cemented over time into the existence of both groups, growing stronger as years have done on. It’s now more than twenty years than Magic Fans and Ultramarines have been acquainted. On the surface it was appear that their a many differences between Bordeaux, the missus, and Saint-Etienne, the worker. However it is their infallible loyalty of both groups to their respective teams that bring them together. “We had the same vision of things as for the way of supporting our colours. Furthermore, the history of both clubs gets closer between the imperious ASSE of the 70s and the reign of Bordeaux throughout the 80s”, explains the head of Saint Etienne’s fan group. “When we go to Bordeaux or to Saint-Etienne, the relationship based on football does not exist anymore and gives way to this friendship which unites us ".With an increasing friendship, the meetings between the groups became regular. Championship matches between the ASSE and Bordeaux remain eagerly awaited, though this anticipation is added to by the other events which favoured the development of this brotherhood. The fans even create tifos in its honour: "Ultramarines and Magic Fans: a unique brotherhood for a historic friendship ", we could read, on a banner. The Ultramarines creating a tifo displaying “from generation to generation, may continue this friendship, it’s is our pride" and the Magic fans “Ultramarines, against all odds, 25 years of loyalty”. It’s sincere because it’s been sealed over time, thanks to numerous demonstrations of respect in good times and bad.In the French landscape of Ultras, this friendship is most prominent. The links between Ultramarines and Magic Fans are even sometimes mocked, deeply criticized by certain groups of fans. “We take it as a sign of jealousy because, in France, it is the only friendship which continues at such a level. Except the various alliances which exist or existed, we are the only ones to maintain strong links with this intensity over time For us, Ultramarines and Magic Fans represent groups which possess a big mentality, a mentality which we consider perfect".