Ross is a huge Tottenham fan from London, who was also part of the original cast of Filthy Fellas. He's the founder of the largest independent Tottenham Hotspur account, so for the latest news and live match coverage give Ross a follow.

What is your favourite Copa90 video and why?My favourite video funny enough isn’t Spurs themed, but the Fifa and Chill session with Rio Ferdinand. I love how real he was and the insight he offered as an ex-pro, specifically the tactical analysis he provided when discussing how he would set up an England team against Spain only to then respond “that is why I am a pundit bruv” when praised for such insight.

What is the best football game you have seen and why?This is way too hard to cut down to one match! My top three (in no particular order) are Spurs 4-3 Portsmouth back in 2004 purely because I was a mascot and that experience was amazing as a child. The second memorable game is Spurs winning 3-1 against Inter Milan in the Champions League because it was the best individual performance I have ever seen from a player in Gareth Bale and we beat the reigning champions of the competition. Finally, the third game is the 2-1 win against Arsenal in the 2014-15 season as that Spurs team had a core of academy graduates and I was situated in the Paxton stand right in front of Harry Kane as he scored that late winner - I don’t think I have ever been in crowd reaction to a goal like that one and the atmosphere was unbelievable!

What is your favourite football snack?My favourite football snack is simply a hamburger with a bit of ketchup in, no messing around, nice and simple, but it is a classic.

Who is your footballing idol?My favourite footballing idol is, by quite some distance, Ledley King. A world-class defender who may have been plagued with injury but loved the club and quite literally played through the pain barrier for Spurs. If he wasn’t in the team it was painfully evident. As the chant that continues to be sung by all Spurs fans goes: “Oh Ledley, Ledley, he has only got one knee, he is better than John Terry. Oh Ledley, Ledley!”