In Search Of: Meet The Finalists


Next up on Eli''s journey around the world to meet the continents In Search Of finalists is North America. Find out more about all three finalists and check out the entry videos which got them this far.



Football means everything in my life and the way I see the World, I grew up playing football in one of the biggest Clubs in my country (Pumas UNAM) also I had the privilege to play for the Youth National Team of Mexico. When I was a little lad and teenager I used to dream to play in the Premier League and live in England, so in 2012 I went to the UK to make my dreams come true, making videos in the stadiums, playing Semi Pro football for Southport Trinity, where I found my biggest passion and total happiness, learning from a different culture, travelling, making football content on Youtube, so that''s why I fell in love with Copa90 so I said to myself, one day I''m going to be part of that amazing team, no matter how long is going to take me or how many miles I need to travel to get the attention of Copa90 to make my football dreams come true with them. In the summer of 2014 I went to the FIFA World Cup in Brazil where I had a fantastic adventure for 2 months. Then I went to Buenos Aires, Argentina to visited the most iconic football Stadiums in South America. In 2015 I spent 6 months living in the USA where I learned so many positive things and again I had an incredible experience in the "Soccer" World. Graduated in Sports Media, I have also an International Master in Business and football Management at the Johan Cruyff Institute. I have an enormous obsession to always fight for my dreams, true believer that with passion, huge desire and determination you can achieve anything in life and conquer the World.


New York

I''m a guy from a small town on the outskirts of the biggest city in the world, Queens (ayyee!). Though football has always been a part of my the culture of my family it wasn''t an active part of my life until I was old enough to appreciate it (you can bring a horse to water, amiright?). I remember the first time I laid eyes on Zizou in the 98 world cup, the first time I heard the swell of hymns of active support, and my life was completely changed forever. From that moment on I couldn''t get enough.



My favorite Copa90 video would have to be "This is Napoli", despite being a Juventus supporter. For me, having everyone from one of the clubs star players (Insigne), to life long fans, this video perfectly captures what it means to be a football fan and a die hard supporter of your club. The best match I have ever watched was Germany v Italy 2006 World Cup Semi-final. Although it was only the semi''s and the team went on to win the final, this match was one of the most intense matches I have ever seen. Not to mention I was in Italy at the time watching this game with my cousins so when Fabio Grosso curled home the winner past Lehman in extra time ecstasy took over. I do not remember a better feeling.


Next up on Eli''s journey around the world to meet the continents In Search Of finalists is South America. Find out more about all three finalists and check out the entry videos which got them this far.



I am a creative midfielder. 29 years old, free agent if there a club interested. Talented. Crazy for Millonarios F.C., A team borned in cold Bogotá, where Alfredo Di Stefano made part of his glorious history). Actually, I play for a club called " John Coltrane F.C" at amateur level. I also support a young football star who wants to become the next Radamel Falcao. I have my own seat at the stadium " Nemesio Camacho el Campin" every time my team needs me. Football is my life. My brother is a goalkeeper ( he is in charge of the net for Coltrane), the fact of being able to play the beautiful game with him and my pals is the best gift I have ever recieved. Hope to retire at my 80''s with my crew.



I have loved football since I opened my eyes for the first time. Luckily, I arrived to a footy-family and we are all “Azules” (Blues: Fans of Universidad de Chile). At the same time I was giving my first steps, I was learning football chants and feeling more like home at the stadium- Estadio Nacional. Nowadays the supporters section is like my second home and football is my religion. I believe in football as an element of illusion, extreme emotions, human creativity (masters like Zidane, Bergkamp, Cantona and Cruyff are magicians) and as a hope engine for societies. As a longlife fan, I’m interested in carrying and spreading football culture as the one and only universal language. Every corner of the globe has new stories, collective euphoria and compromise with a feeling of passion and belonging. 



From photos, to videos and testimonial of relatives: I have an arsenal of records showing my instant connection to the rounder ball. I just naturally adored it. And when I got older enough to start to grasp the concepts of what we call football, my passion evolved into love, the eternal kind.

In my life, football is not restricted to a 90 minutes game. I devour it by reading books, magazines and articles (and writing some), by listening to podcasts from worldwide and, since a couple of years ago, by spending a lot of time to watch football channels on youtube. I came across Copa90 due to a FifaPlaya video, but the short documentaries and the devotion to the fans that made me stay.

As I had fallen in love almost at first sight with Copa90, it seemed pretty natural to apply to "In Search Of". I''ve been waiting for this opportunity as I could deeply related to the purpose of the channel. And I f****** love football.

It is a great joy to be among the three finalists. Nevertheless, my ambition goes beyond that. I hope I can show you guys why I would be a great voice to represent South America''s passion fever for the most loved game in the world.


Next up on Eli''s journey around the world to meet the continents In Search Of finalists is Europe. Find out more about all three finalists and check out the entry videos which got them this far.



Let’s start with the obvious: I’m a HUGE Arsenal fan and Arsene Wenger is basically my uncle. I tend to make a fool of myself on social media. But who doesn''t right? Did I mention Arsene Wenger was my uncle? In terms of my love for football, I actually don’t think I can put into words how much the sport means to me. I mean, the fact 11 men and a ball can give me a tingle downstairs is questionable, BUT I WOULDN’T CHANGE THAT TINGLE FOR THE WORLD!



I live in Kraków, Poland. The city is a cultural melting pot, with great history, diversity, and interesting people everywhere. Ever since I moved here 17 years ago, I learned that people and places have great stories to tell - you just have to pay attention and listen. Searching for tales became one of my favorite pastimes. In my life, I have been many things... Even though my occupations changed, my love of football remained strong throughout the years. Although the beginnings were tough [my first memories: Italy ’90, a total nightmare!], two years later, thanks to those amazing Euro-winning Danes, I realized that in football, everything was possible. That tournament in 1992 started to shape me into a football romantic I am today - always cheering for the underdog, always looking for the least obvious path, both in football and life.



I grew up with the football. For one year I lived with my family in Turkey & for one year in Germany changed every year until I was 5 years old. When I came in the kindergarten I was not able to speak german properly. I just knew "ja" (yes), "nein" (no) and that simple stuff. My passion for football developed with my language. After I learned to walk and was able to run as a child, I was always kicking the ball against the wall while screaming "PAHCEEEE". My parents and ma grandparents thought that I would have an handicap or something like that because they never knew what I wanted to say. One day my father was watching a Fenerbahce match on TV and when I saw it, I ran straight to the TV and started shouting "PAHCEEEE! PAHCEEEE!". That was the moment when my family knew that I was already in love with this team & this sport. Luckily it hasn''t changed.


Next up on Eli''s journey around the world to meet the continents In Search Of finalists is Africa. Find out more about all three finalists and check out the entry videos which got them this far.

Musa Hassan


I love football because it''s pretty much the only thing in this world that gives you every possible emotion and basically has the ability to change the mood at any time. I applied so that I could be part of a team that makes the viewers feel and also to chase my dream in working as close to football as I possibly can. 

Abu Nuuman


I’m the guy who shows up late to the football party with a train carriage full of beer and a plane freight full of snacks. So everyone has no choice but to cheer at my arrival. I found my place in the society via football without knocking on the door twice. It’s the perfect icebreaker in any situation and due to that, it’s the only tool that I’ve used to become a social-outspoken-introvert, who shows his true-self in the light of the game. I’m on the road to pay much attention on Kenya’s and African football as a whole and bring new angles of stories/storytelling in fields never before covered. It’s gonna be awesome!

Fiifi Anaman


I''m a final year Political Science major at the University of Ghana and Ive spent the last few years trying to steal time off my school schedule to pursue my passion: watching, writing, and talking football. I love to go to games, to grassroots pitches, to pubs and everywhere else that has the raw passion and intensity of organic football fever. I consider myself very lucky and privileged to have had the opportunity to write about my country''s football not only locally, but for some international websites as well. Football is life here in Ghana and Im living it to the fullest. I applied for Copa90''s in search of because the brand highlights the beauty and immense significance of the phenomenon that makes football what it is: The fans. 


After his time in Oceania Eli heads off to Asia to meet the continents In Search Of finalists. Find out more about all three finalists and check out the entry videos which go them this far.

Anuron Deka


Football means everything to me. I have bunked classes for football, I almost flunked my exams for football and there are many other such stories. If I can be associated with the game of football, trust me when I say this, I wouldn''t want anything else in the world. I can talk football all the time.

Jerome Setho


1999 was when it all changed, my first football match on TV, and since then I have been hooked on the most enthralling of sports. I enjoy last minute goals, passionate chanting fans and Jose Mourinho getting sent to the stands. 16 years immersed in the football has brought so many wonderful memories, from Paolo Di Canio catching the ball against Everton displaying amazing sportsmanship to seeing Robert Pires being saluted by his teammates when he was injured prior to the BPL trophy celebrations. I have always been one who enjoys not only watching football but telling stories on football.

Ahmad Shafiq


I''m 21 years old and i''ve been a fan of the beautiful game since i was at the tender age of 7. First game i went to was a local game between my hometown team Negeri Sembilan vs Perak which we won 5-0! That was arguably the moment that made it all for me. I love the feeling of goosebumps you get when you enter the stadium and see the stadium lights shining above your eyes, damn that raises the hair at the back of my neck. My favorite team is Selangor FA the most decorated team in the Malaysian league, never missed a home game i might add, I''m a football addict. There''s nothing that could cure this addiction, in fact football has cured me instead.


The first leg of his epic journey around the world to find Copa90''s 6 new presenters sees Eli return to his roots to meet the three Oceania finalists. Find out more about all three finalists and check out the entry videos which go them this far.

Alex Giannakis

Melbourne, Australia

I’m Alex, I’m 18 years old and football is my religion. Living in Australia, I’ve sacrificed countless hours of sleep for the beautiful game, and don’t regret it for a second. Football is in my blood, weaved into my DNA by generations of die-hard fans before me, and I thank them for it every day. I like to spend my time drinking coffee and talking football with my family and friends, or crammed into the terraces singing my lungs out with total strangers. I live, breathe, eat, sleep and dream football, and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Tim Klingner & Luke Flint

Brisbane, Australia

We''re football nutters living on the beautiful beaches of the Sunshine Coast in Australia. We''re both studying journalism at university with a focus on broadcast. We work at Woolworths (a supermarket) and Domino''s (pizza delivery) to pay the bills and the important things in life, like football tickets! We love Copa90 because it''s the combination of our two loves, football and reporting, and being in that industry is a major goal of ours. We love every aspect of football, we love the game, the fans and the culture. The thing we love most though is that every fan has a story to tell and we want to be there to hear those stories. Our lives are generally filled by football, whether it be playing it, staying up until midnight to watch our teams play, playing Fifa and Football Manager or watching videos on YouTube football is a dominant force. We''d always talked about how much of an amazing opportunity it would be to be a Copa90 presenter, so when the In Search Of video came out we knew we had to apply and here we are. So that''s a bit about our story, we hope to hear yours somewhere around the world! Luke & Tim.

Tatiyana Shaba

Sydney, Australia

I am Assyrian. I don’t have a country to call my own. My parents fled Iraq in the late 80’s. Even though that is our ancestral homeland – Assyrians are a persecuted minority in that part of the world. They were living illegally in Iran when they had me. So right from the minute I was born, I was somewhere I didn’t belong. We moved to New Zealand when I was four. Even at a young age, it was huge culture shock. Football was something I used to see my dad play and watch, and then I would see the kids play at school. It was the first comparison I was able to draw between my home life and my school life. I made the connection and built the bridge between the two. It worked. So when I moved to Australia as a teen, I did the same thing. Football is my superhero, always has my back.* I know I''m not the only one with a unique story - Those stories deserve to be heard, and I''d like to be the one to help tell them. *Has broken my heart on occasion.