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The Return of the King: Zlatan goes back to Malmö



For his return to Malmo for PSG’s Champions League group tie, Zlatan Ibrahimovic has hired out the town square so that the whole city can watch him on the big screen. It is just another example in a long list of heartfelt gestures Zlatan has made to his hometown Malmo throughout his career. No matter where he goes, he always makes sure to keep Malmo in his mind. “Wherever I go, I’ll always represent Malmo. I feel like a real Malmo kid. It’s my club. There’s no other one for me. I follow MFF”.
We’ve taken a look at the top five reasons why the people and fans of Malmo will always love Zlatan Ibrahimovic!

Zlatan Ibrahimovic: How a Legend was made

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