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Top 5 weird forms of football



Football only became a formalized sport with codified rules in the mid 1800’s. Before then, early versions of the game were played across the world. The principal, has always been the same, two teams, one ball, and a goal.

Calcio Fiorentino was played by Italian aristocrats in 16th century Florence. Tournaments between two 27-a-side teams representing the city’s four neighborhoods were common place. Players were allowed to punch, elbow, and kick eachother to advance their ball to the opposing teams goal. In the end, the victors were awarded a cow.

Kemari, played in Japan in 600 CE, was a non-competitive form of “keepie uppies” played with a barley-stuffed dear skin ball. The ball was kept in the air using elbows, head, feet and back. The game is still played today, and players wear traditional Asuka-period robes and tall hats.

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