Football fans are cut from a very special and different fabric. Our lives revolve around the game. Some see us as crazy, or stupid, because we dedicate every waking hour to supporting a bunch of adults in shorts chasing a ball, but throughout the last three years at Copa90 we have experienced this game across every corner of the globe, and it has allowed us to connect with the most unlikely cast of characters.
Thanks to your support, today we reached a million subscribers on Youtube. As football supporters, we here at COPA90 are grateful to you, the fans, who allow us to do the work we truly love. Over the years we have come to understand that whether you are in the supporters curve singing for 90 minutes, packed into a pub, or in a city square watching on the big screen; this game is about community. As we continue to tell the stories you love, we can’t wait to see the #CopaFam continue to grow into a football community of its own.
This game is a language and its supporters have a mutual understanding, that even your worst rival is the same as you, because if it wasn’t for them, you would not exist. Some are connected by players, others by teams, and others by country; in the end, the feelings are always shared. In short, we are all pieces of a jigsaw that don’t fit into anyone else’s puzzle.
Some say that football is just a game, but over a million of you have affirmed our vision that it is much more. As we continue to embark on this adventure we want you to know that you, the fans, will always come first. Copa90, like football, is nothing without fans. Thank you.

Here’s just one way in which you have helped us

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