How the Magic of the FA Cup Travels Around the World



For Arsenal’s 4-0 defeat of Aston Villa in the FA Cup Final on Saturday, tens of thousands of fans descended upon Wembley Stadium in hordes either blue and claret or red and yellow. It was fitting that the two clubs in this year’s Final are two of the most decorated clubs in FA Cup history. Their history and success in this competition may be confined to these shores, but their influence and popularity reach far beyond that. As football clubs in the Premier League have extended their popularity to every corner of the globe, so has English football’s most prestigious competition. The magic of the inimitable FA Cup is definitely still alive, and it’s spreading…

From Kuwait to Toronto, Bulgaria to Israel, football fans from around the world made sure they were watching the FA Cup Final. How do we know this? Last week, we asked football fans to film their FA Cup Final day. No matter where they were watching it, or who they were with, or even who they support, every fan matters. We received clips of your FA Cup Final Day from all over the world

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